Barefeet Naturist Resort & Spa is a small naturist or nudist resort in Bangkok, Thailand! Naturists from 12 nations participated in the celebration of naturism on May 12th and the effort towards a common goal of building naturism in Thailand and Southeast Asia, in addition to enjoying the warm welcome and ambiance of Chan Resort, Thailand's foremost naturist resort.
The little naturist hotel called Barefoot Resort in the northern part of Bangkok seems to be getting good reviews, aside from the fact that it's difficult to get to, and thus, not terribly convenient for taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Thailand's megopolis.

At this writing, the owners are moving their base of operations from the smallish Lemon Tree property (where the lease has expired without the opportunity to renew) to the brand new Peace Blue Resort featuring condo like luxury units with private pools as well as beautifully appointed hotel rooms overlooking a sizable pool complex.
We communicate our common values of healthy, non-sexual leisure activities towards the authorities, other tourism and business associations and the Thai public in general to the benefit of both our individual naturist members and our current and future naturist resort members.
One would think that such a lack of apparel might lead to the venues being a breeding ground for sexual deviance, but no sir: public sex is strictly naturism resort thailand banned according to a set of guidelines established by the Naturist Association of Thailand, also founded by Moller and his wife in 2007.

As a naturist destination, it's a long ways to go to get naked, and even in the early South African summer (the week before Christmas) it was a bit chilly much of the time for total nudity, but a stay at Harmony most definitely provided a unique spin for our African adventure.
And the group now extends from Phuket in the South ( Lemon Tree Resort ) to Chiang Mai in the North ( Oriental Village ) and Pattaya in the East ( Chan Resort ), with plans to expand to Kanchanaburi. This southern peninsula is high on the list of many visitors to Thailand.

To fully enjoy the best nude beach experience in Thailand, make sure to still be considerate and respectful. Going nudist for the first time is a big step for a lot of people. For international naturists, a visit to one of Europe's many nudist beaches ranks high on the travel to-do list.