When it comes to putting together the ideal home bedroom arrangement, there is one piece that's more important than any other: the bed. The number of babies dying of SIDS is dropping and this is due to the SIDS researchers all over the world educating parents and carers to always place a baby on her back to sleep with her face and head uncovered and keeping her in a smoke free environment.
This easily gives you sleeping space for adults and kids. Our particular focus has been to provide safe, comfortable furniture for kids. Falls are the most common source bunk loft bed of injury involving bunk beds, and can be fatal. The zips on each side ensure easy access and exit while providing safety, security and protection as you sleep.

Bunk Barrier Bunk Bed Ladder Cover is a convenient and easy way to deter small children from climbing the ladder to their older sibling's top bunk bed. Figures from the National Coronial Information Service revealed most deaths were caused by strangulation, with emergency department numbers showing bunk beds were involved in 1 per cent of all children's injuries.
Check there are no unsafe gaps in the guardrails and between the wall and the bunk bed. Optional: oak single trundle $590 plus custom foam mattress (for single bunk beds) with zip off cover is $350. Some research into SIDS has shown that an adult sleeping on a couch with a baby can be dangerous because the baby may accidentally become wedged between cushions or the back of the sofa.

Make sure you buy a bunk bed that meets the mandatory safety standard. When you think of bunk beds, perhaps you remember a childhood scenario when you and a sibling shared a room and a set of bunk beds. Choose the perfect kids' bunk bed for your home from the huge range of funky colours and styles at Amart Furniture.
All bunks have their advantages, however, the design and style of your bunk bed will greatly impact on how it fits into the space and how the room will function. Twin cabins have 2 bunk beds, 2 wall hooks and 2 reading lights. Perfect for shared bedrooms, bunk beds give kids a comfy place to sleep while leaving plenty of room to play.

Maximise the space in your guest room by replacing a standard single bed with bunk beds. Many manufacturers and retailers these days have switched to using cheaper chipboard or particle board in construction which only lessens the lifespan and durability of the bunk beds.
From low bunks for the littlest dreamers to loft bunks for DIYers, these bunk beds are sure to inspire sweet dreams. Everyone remembers having bunk beds as a kid, they're great fun and provide a comfortable and practical solution to the problem of not having enough places to sleep.