Highly effective non-invasive procedure that permanently removes fat without surgery. We have 3 conveniently located clinics in both Sydney (Nothern Beaches & Eastern Suburbs) and Newcastle dedicated to providing our patients not only safe and effective cosmetic surgery results but unbiased education to make informed decisions about which cosmetic surgery procedure is right for their needs.
I can almost guess what result they will have by reading their first post and seeing their initial photos †I will just say that CoolSculpting isnвЂt best lip fillers sydney a replacement for surgery on those who need it and those who seem disappointed probably were not great candidates for the treatment from the outset.

In total, over 80 percent of patients end up with a strong, visible jaw line and an improved cervicomental angle ( this is the angle at which the neck intersects with the jaw.) The procedure also stimulates the production of new collagen, so the skin around your chin looks firm and supple.
Coolsculpting works by gently freezing away unwanted fat pockets (Cryolipolysis). CoolSculpting is a branded, FDA-approved form of fat reduction called cryolipolysis. No one likes a double chin especially in photos and now other than the traditional liposuction and neck lift procedures, there are non surgical treatments that have proven to be highly effective.

It only targets fat cells, without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. This technology works by freezing and destroying fat cells. We are non-surgical body sculpting specialists, and our goal is to deliver consistent and measurable results to both our female and male clients with no surgery, pain or downtime.
Each treatment destroys 20-25% of fat cells so additional treatments may be required. CoolSculpting is ideal for those with stubborn excess fat in the stomach, hip, arms, thighs and back area. At Pellis Medispa we marry together a luxurious experience with highly skilled skin professionals and cutting-edge treatments.
But when properly selected and treated, patients who have had CoolSculpting seem to love it, although you generally have to wait until their 8 week post for them to say that as many people require at least that time to see noticeable changes. Each individual will respond to the treatment differently, and therefore no clinic should or can claim to offer a 100% success rate in non-surgical fat-reduction.

Regain confidence wearing sleeveless tops by re-contouring upper arm fat without downtime or hideously expensive surgery. A good candidate for this treatment is someone within 10 kilos of their ideal weight who wants to contour and shape their body. Patients should expect a 20-25% reduction in fat thickness in a treatment area.
Areas with more fat may require more treatments. Dale, from Sydney's Elizabeth Bay, is a CEO for a recruitment agency who opted for coolsculpting because, despite working out five to six times a week, had the "stubborn layer men get at my age". The Ashbury Cosmetic CoolShaping method consists of a 3 in 1 approach that combines fat removing and skin tightening technology.

For people who want more rapid results in a single treatment, liposuction may be a better option. I cannot provide direct medical advice without seeing you in person, but I do suggest you schedule an appointment with a board certified cosmetic surgeon near you, preferably someone who is very experienced in multiple liposuction techniques.
Will apply cooling on your skin to kill the fat cells. Industry leading Dr Michael Rich performs all liposculpture treatments at Specialist Clinics of Australia. Developed at Harvard, Coolsculpting is an FDA approved procedure that is PROVEN to reduce exercise resistant or genetically prone fat areas.

I had coolsculpting in May 2018, my abdomen grew a lot, it was so deformed, they told me to go back, they said was impossible that the fat freezing wasn't working, so in September I did again, my belly grew more. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary contouring treatment that freezes stubborn fat, which is then naturally eliminated from your body.